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ARCONA is a SPA-based brand that was founded at California in 1989. Their SPA Studios has been considerably well-known by Hollywood celebrities. With the popularity it has, ARCONA expand their business to skincare products in recent years.

From the experience inspired by their SPA studios, ARCONA provides the most natural and fresh power. They state that“ARCONA products contain no petrochemicals, binders or fillers, chemical stabilizers, parabens, sodium lauryl sulphates, perfumes, dyes, or any other caustic, toxic ingredients”on their official website. Their product line performs very well for young people, as well as for the aging skin.

Let‘s take an overview about the products they have:

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imageWhite Tea Purifying Cleanser

3.67oz $42

Cleaning is the first and essential step of your daily routine. Utilizing the extract generated from white and green tea, it offers rich antioxidant to the skin and leaves a refresh feeling. The yellow cleansing gel maintains the natural ph balance for your skin. It also works for sensitive skin type. Rating on is approximately 5-star 🙂

Customer Review:

I use this with a Clarisonic brush. I just bought my second bottle and I can’t say that about many products. My skin is oily and sensitive. I have always had a hard time finding something that won’t irritate it – I a prescription topical. Cleansers with salicylic, alpha/lactic acids can irritate my skin and either break me out or make my skin produce more oil. It is super gentle, doesn’t irritate or break out my oily/sensitive skin and leaves it clean but not stripped.”

imageCranberry Toner

3.67oz $34

A 3-in-1 life saver! It removes your dirt, oil, and make-up gently. Also gives you a glowing finished skin. The cranberry scent is amazingly flattering. Shake well before using, and take a cotton pad to apply.

Aims at cleansing and hydrating, you might need to use a moisturizer afterward. Great for those who likes to go to gym, long travelling, or outdoor activities.


I’ve used this toner since I received a sample about a year ago. Normally I do not use toner but this one really refreshes my skin when I need it without being over drying, harsh or irritating my skin. I think it smells great and actually the scent is very light and does not linger. I use it daily and I just love it! I have combination skin that can be easily irritated at times (just like me 🙂 ha ha ) but this toner has been very kind to my skin and that makes me happy. I am about ready to make my 3rd full size purchase which will last me quite a long time. Would recommend for all skin types.”

imageTriad Pads

$32/45 sheets

An even more convenient version of the Cranberry Toner. It does the 3-in-1 functions as well. Now you do not need to carry the cotton pad with you anymore, yoohoo!


“I started using Arcona pads because at work I have a real bad habit of picking my face. Then I get more hyperpigmentatio because of this. These pads have helped me curb my habit. Every time I get the urge to pick my face I use a pad and my face looks better. These pads also smell good. I really don’t care about the price because they are ssssooooo worth it!

imageMagic White Ice

1.17oz/1.7oz $40/$60

The must-buy product of ARCONA! An ideal go-to hydrating gel for both combination and oily skin.

The totara extract help to get rid of the bacteria on skin. In the meantime, hydrating and calming the skin with cranberry extract and white tea. Feel like a water-based gel moisturizer.

Recommend using it in the morning. It does a great job of controlling the excessive oil appeling on your skin. Keep you feel glowing and refreshing. Use a cream afterward if needed.


I adore Arcona products and this one does not disappoint. The Magic White Ice Hydrator smells amazing, goes on smooth and has made my face glow. Switching to Arcona products has revitalized my skin! It is a different philosophy so it takes some time to get used to it, but once you see the results you will never want to go back to your old routine!”

***Below are some strong acid-based products from ARCONA, might not be used by SENSITIVE skin.

imageBrightening Drops


Powerful brightening helps fade the pigmentation of skin, as well as enhancing the texture and brightness.

Ideal product for problem skin! Not only can it calming down the redness, but also accelerating the cellular metabolism.


The product generally seems to work slowly. You won’t see the spots fade away completely but you’ll notice a brighter complexion as a whole after a few weeks.

The pump, however, is horrible and difficult to control. It’s very hard to dispense and when it finally does, it dispenses wayyy too much. So I feel like it’s a waste of product.“

imageTabula RASA

1.17oz $26

I was personally amazed by thies acne fighting treatment. The specific formula heals blemishes and enlarged pores. Appying it wtih a cotton pad only on your problematic area. Smoothing the surface of skin. It removes the bacreria with lactic acid, and stimulate the cell renewal with grape seed extract.

I have tried many acid-base products, but this one is the best. The liquid-like treatment would not give you any oily feeling. It might hurt a little when applying, but make sure that you do not wanna overuse it! It will burn your skin. Just gently wipe off the acne area.

Also, you might want to pair it with a recovery serum or cream for the best results.

Highly recommend for oily/combination/pore skin!!!


I tried this line after my sister recommended it to me. I’ve had acne, blackheads and clogged skin my whole life, with nothing really helping it, and I’ve tried many, many lines to no avail. I’ve had the most success with Arcona, though it is a little intense – I equate using it on your skin with starting a new, radical diet. Both shock your system, and you go through withdrawals of one kind or another before finally becoming used to it. I saw results within the first week of using this lotion (along with the other items in the Problem Skin Kit, which they do not offer here for some reason), and continue to see good results a few months later. They recommend using nothing but their products for the first chunk of time, and again I equate this with a diet – you have to get your skin accustomed to healthy ingredients first, then you can start adding other things back in. My skin, while usually frustratingly oily, has begun getting dry patches, but all I have to do is apply some of my favorite moisturizer to the dry parts and all is well. This is one of, if not THE, best spot treatments I’ve ever used. It works without over-drying or redness, and clears up blemishes quickly. The pump can be kind of a problem, in that is dispenses too much and can squirt it out all over the place, but I solved that by simply taking the pump off of the bottle and dipping a q-tip into it . I would recommend this regimen to anyone with problem skin.

Basic Five Travel Kit for Problem/Normal/Dry Skin $87

In addtion to the products above, ARCONA combines their popular skincare into burdle targeting different needs for your skin type. Check them out!!


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