Murad Skincare Reviw

clip_image002Murad, a skincare and cosmetic brand, was founded by board-certified Dermatologist Dr. Murad. Dr. Murad specializes in both inclusive health and dermatology. He also participates in Fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology (FAAD), as well as the holder of 18 dermatology- related patents. Vogue magazine highlights Dr. Murad as “One of the country’s best dermatologist.”

The popular skincare products of Murad includes Acne treatment and brightening complex. Their products have been constantly displayed at the ‘Bestseller’ shelf of Sephora. Now we are able to introduce their products specifically. We will choose both positive and negative reviews from Internet in order to have fair point of view.

Clarifying Cleanser
   $26 | 6.75 oz

clip_image003Receiving more than 1200 review and still keeping 4.4/5 stars among customers. It has been clinically proven to reduce 99.9% of irritating surface bacteria and inhibit blemish formation.

There is one thing that people who want to get rid of acne have to remember—Cleaning is the MOST significant step of you daily routine. Nothing will work if you could not at least keep you skin clean. This cleansing gel will refresh your skin without giving any oiliness.

Available at:Sephora | MuradOfficial


Reviews (From Sephora):
– “This cleanser does a very good job of cleaning! It does not irritate my sensitive skin, and I have noticed a signficant decrease in breakouts since using this (for about 6 months now)”

-“ I went from having a few pimples to my face completely breaking out. It made my face feel fresh and clean but that’s about it.

Editor reminder: Many products concerning on acne will lead to break out. It is a process to discharge those bacteria inside your skin, and it should be thinking rationally.

Clarifying Toner
    $22 | 6 oz.

A toner clip_image004emphasizes on refreshing your skin. The witch hazel which is in the formula helps control oil and tightens pores. Smells it contains alcohol, but the ingredient said it does not. Softer than other cleansing-typed toner, you can use a cotton pad to message the skin. However, we suggest you to pair it with a moisturizing toner. Use it once or twice a week to protect you healthy skin.

Available at: Sephora | MuradOfficial

Rating 4.4/5

Reviews (From Sephora):
“In about three days of using this product, problem acne areas started to show drastic improvement and redness diminished. Now, I feel like I don’t even have to wear makeup anymore!

“I wonder why I even bother?! I love this one. I have acne prone sensitive skin. This stuff is great! Even works to remove make up when I’m too tired to wash my face at night. Love, love.”

Editor Reminder:Large number of people who have SENSITIVE skin said they CANNOT get used to these product.

Post-Acne Spot Lightening Gel
$60 | 1 oz

clip_image005Not a very pricy one as a serum. Apply it only on the healed acne area. Help the discoloration faded after breakout. Still want to remind you girls,do not forget to apply sunscreen when you are using a brightening or spot treatment skincare. Most products became useless when they are exposed to UVA/UVB.

Available at:Sephora | MuradOfficial

Rating: 3.8/5

Reviews (From Sephora):
“I bought this after trying multiple other products from acne scars, I even tried laser procedures with a dermatologist, which were getting $$$. A friend of mine who is physician finishing up in dermatology recommended this product bc it has hydroquinone…boy was she right. This stuff works in a few days!

“I’m 26 years old and have always had flawless skin until recently when my skin started acting up. I couldn’t resist picking on my acne and ended up having lots of dark spots on my face. I tried a lot other products and nothing worked. But this did! I could see the difference in less than a week. I’m still on my 3rd week of using it and I can say my dark spots have reduced by at least 50-60% in intensity.

This is a very strong product. I apply very little but still my eyes water. Overall, this stuff works.”

*Also, this product does not work for everyone according to the reviews, but still, it gets a decent number of positive comments.

Skin Perfecting Lotion
  $35 | 1.7 oz

clip_image006Must-buy item from Murad& top-recommended in their online store. A light-weight moisturizing cream minimizes the pore and manages the redness. Moisturizer is one of the most difficult issues of acne skin. You will either get more breakouts with a rich cream,or end up with an oily face if it was not powerful enough. This ingredient in this cream can provide a balanced texture after applying.

Available at:Sephora | MuradOfficial


Reviews (From Sephora) :
”It is a very light moisturizing cream which has never aggravated my acne at all and yet it is still moisturizing and hydrating enough to protect my dry/combination skin. It may seem quite oily when first applying but it gets absorbed fairy quickly and does not (at least for me) make you break out.

“I usually do not write reviews but this product does perfect your skin. I have had break outs due to oily skin and this lotion controls oil clogging up your pores and further prevents breakouts. I’m definitely not saying it treats acne by any means but if you break out here and there because you have oily skin…try this. I have been using this for two weeks now and have not had break out since.”

Rapid Age Spot and Pigment Lightening Serum
  $60 | 1 oz

Clinical skincare brand clip_image007often will present their target and patent ingredient in their products, which maximizing the results. This serum contains the patent technology from Dr. Murad called RepleniCell™. Attracting, binding, and helping retain water into the skin. Get your healthy skin with this dermatologist developed product. Based on the research results, 88% of participants claim that they had a more even skintone in 2 weeks.

Available at:Sephora | MuradOfficial


Reviews (From Sephora) :
“Even though they will never go 100% away, this serum does help fade them. I have used several bottles and the spots get lighter every time.

“I have some sun spots that just popped up, I’m in my 30’s, and it worked like a charm! I used it for about 1 month and they’re almost gone. I make sure I don’t tan my face because that would be dumb! The sun spots would get worse. This is amazing!!! People on here who said it didn’t work must not be using it correctly. It worked so fast! The smell isn’t amazing but hellloooo? It works!!! Totally worth every penny!!!”

Essential-C Day Moirsture Broad Spectrum SPF 30
PA+++ $60 | 1.7 oz.

clip_image008Powerful antioxidant sunscreen helps prevent the skin from sunburn and environmental pollution. UVA/UVB will damage the hydration balance of the skin, so you better not ignore the step of applying sunscreen. It also carries the patent technology RepleniCell™ from Dr. Murad.

Available at:Sephora | MuradOfficial


Reviews (From Sephora) :
“Been using this for 4 years now – still Love it! Not heavy, at 45 doesn’t make me break out, good SPF

“After about 2 hours my face looks greasy and I have to constantly use blot sheets and use powder to control the shine. Didn’t see any big difference in the texture and look of my skin.“(This review is from a girl who is about 20 year-old)

Editor reminder:People tend to have glowing looking as they are getting older, while young girls prefer matte-finished texture.

Pure skin Clarifying Dietary Supplement
$43 | 30 day-supply

clip_image009Proven to help balance and support your body’s ability to remove those toxic that produce blemish. It is aiming at curling your problem, but it just a dietary supplement mixing up the ingredients that you need to get rid of acne. Again, it is not a medication; recommend taking with the skincare products from Murad.

Available at:Sephora | MuradOfficial


Reviews (Sephora) :
“…The derm checked it out and said it is much like a mini-accutane in terms of ingredients. SO if your acne is not severe and/or you don’t want to undergo the accutane/blood test regime, this might be the best way to go.

“I recently had a round of breakouts that I could not get under control no matter how hard I tried. I used to take these supplements but for one reason or another, stopped. I went months without any real issues but just recently around my mouth, under my chin and around my jaw line was completely out of control. I started taking these supplements 3 days ago and my break outs are already starting to calm down and disappear. I look forward to have my skin back to normal again! Very happy with the results.”

Acne Starter Kit    $30

clip_image010An acne starter kit of most popular products! Also a great deal that allows you to take a try with Murad’s products. Reduce blemish and restore the smoothing skin with this Murad signature routine.


– 2 oz Clarifying Cleanser
– 0.8 oz Acne Clearing Solution
– 0.6 oz Oil-Control Mattifier SPF 15 | PA++
– 0.25 oz Acne Spot Fast Fix

Available at:Sephora | MuradOfficial


Reviews (From Sepora):
-“I tried this out and followed all of the steps. MY SKIN GOT WORSE! I started getting huge red pimples. Before using these products I had small pimples, but then I started getting huge ones. Never again. “

Editor reminder: Do not make your judgment until you see the next review below!!

-“People keep saying that they broke out more!!! Well your skin is purging thaaaa!!!
That’s what i love about Murad acne kit. It purges hidden gunk first then the healing begins! DON’T BE DISCOURAGED!!! keep on with it. It will be worth it in the end

Resurgence introductory kit   $39.95

clip_image012Exclusive kit in Murad official websiteincludes products worth more than $107 value!A skincare kit is created for decreasing the visible signs on your skin. Restore the firmness by moisturizing.

-Renewing Cleansing Cream, 1.5 FL. OZ.
-Age-Diffusing Serum,  0.33 FL. OZ.
-Age-Balancing Night Cream,  0.5 FL. OZ.
-Sheer Lustre Day Moisture Broad Spectrum SPF 15 | PA+++  (0.25 FL. OZ.),
-Renewing Eye Cream (0.125 FL. OZ.),

Available at: MuradOfficial

Rating: 4.6/5

Reviews (From
I’m 44 and started using the Resurgence line a few weeks ago. I love the cleanser because a little goes a long way and it also removes all my makeup . The night cream is very moisturizing but i just don’t see a difference yet in the wrinkles and dark circles around my eyes and fine lines on my forehead. Hoping I’ll see a difference in a few more weeks. If not I’ll go back to pharmacy products that so far do the same job.

-“Started using the kit 3 weeks ago and have seen significant reduction in fine lines around my eyes already. Starting to see changes to the deeper lines from smiling. I really like the products and the fact that they are not tested on animals.”


Hope this review is able to provide a basic framework about how the Murad skincare products will be!

Good luck!