Candy Your Life—Furla


Furla was founded at Italy in 1927,Leading by their co-founder Furlanetto family. It becomes one of the leading handbag design manufacturer in Europe,wellknown by their trendy design and superior materials.

Comparing with other brands,Handbags from Furla are developed from the sense of elegance, feminity, and perfectly handcrafted details. It does not usually show off big logoo on its design,but use PVC combine with the classic Boston satchel design to create its signature handbag— Candy Satchel, which is considerably impressive.


Well, let’s talked about their candy bags in details.

I personally was not a big fan of girly design, as well as not so interested in the Furla Candy bag in the beginning. However, I was so impressed at the first time I saw it carried by one of my friends, it just came into my mind “I HAVE to get one!”

To clarify, the material being used was not the cheap plastic-based, but a kind of PVC that has certain extent of thickness. It is not easy to scratch it by normal objects like pens or cards.

It also does a great job on keeping a flattered shape of the bag.

In a word, the Candy Satchel is a must buy item from Furla. Now I will introduce the handbags collection from Furla to give you a brand overview.

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Solid ‘Candy’ Satchel


As we mentioned before, this is the signature from Furla’s product line, a combination of techno-artisanal materials and adorable colors!。

The semi-see through appearance reminds me of jelly.The stands at the botton hold your candy standing all the time and look fabulous. Remain enigmatic with this Candy Satchel during beach tour, camping, hiking, and whenever you are worried about scratching you leather handbags.
Available at: Nordstrom | Shopbop | Zappos | Neiman Marcus | Bloomingdale’s  |macys | Amazon




Tricolor ‘Caclip_image018ndy’ Satchel  Large $298 | Small $248

Not fun enough? Then get more colors! The tricolor Candy stachel give you more statement than the solid on, yet also very stylish. To match it with your outfit,simple colors or the same colors type with the bags would be your best solution.

Available at: macys | ZapposAmazon



clip_image028Candy Cookie’ Satchel  Large $448 | Small $398

Warmer than your knitwear, this just reminds me of these North European cabins in the winter. The colorful knitted bottom wrap up the candy bag like a scarf.

购买网址: Shopbop | Zappos | Neiman Marcus | macys


‘Candy Bon Bon’ Mini Crossbody $148

clip_image034Come and get your lolipop with this cutese Candy Bon Bon crossbody!

Super sweet details featuring the top flap with golden turnlock closure. Roomy enough for your daliy essentials like cellphone, card case, and lipsticks. More surprisingly, the size works great as a tote for your baby girl!

Available at:Shopbop | Zappos | macys | Bloomingdale’s |


Candy’Satchel SS14 Large $498 | Small $448

clip_image044From the 2014 Spring Summer collection of Furla, an improved version of the orginal Candy Satchel. Your day become easier to confront with the captivating new Candy Satchel. Leather details gives it more classic and timeless finish.

Available at:  Zappos | Bloomingdale’s |



clip_image054‘Candy Pochette’ Clutch $298

Not satisfying with the renew Satchel, Furla also releasd the Candy Clutch.The fold-over flat with the colorblock design are like the art of light and shade. Leather details push-lock closure also makes it super CHIC. Meanwhile the removable shoulder strap allows you going with any outfit ideas.

Available at:  macys | Zappos | Neiman Marcus | CUSP  |



clip_image064‘Globe’Tote  Large $798 | Small $598

In the Pre-Fall 2014 collection of Furla, the Globe Tote is very eye-catching. Shining like honey, the mandorla-pink and black tote is super feminine. The design of it gives us a sense of vintage-looking. Pairing with the intalian handcraft and calf leather is also impressive. Taylor swift carried a very similar one in her outfits.

Available at:Zappos | macys | Bloomingdale’s |



clip_image069‘Polaris’ Dome  $698

Fell in love with this romantic Polaris Dome from Furla at the first second! Even sweeter than the milk chocalate. Achieve ensemble elegance with it at you side. It is made of full-grain sheepskin and calf leather. The interior design features a couple of zip pockets can hold your everything in the right place as well. Social elite Olivia Palermo wore this in the fashion show.

Available at: macys


clip_image075 clip_image077

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